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Workplace visit and adaptation

At Sarah Bouchard, ergothérapeute, we conduct workplace visits with the goal of:

- Understanding the physical demands of the job;
- Documenting the physical requirements of the workplace;
- Evaluating the workstation based on limitations identified by a medical

evaluation office member;
- Adapting the workstation;
- Teaching various operational methods to facilitate a return to work and/or

maintenance of the position.


These visits can be initiated by a doctor, CNESST, SAAQ, an insurance company,

or directly by an occupational therapist. It is important to note that the consent of

the paying agent is essential to carry out these visits. Depending on the case, a medical

prescription may be required to justify the evaluation.

The objective of our workplace visits is to create a work environment that respects the health needs of the employee while maintaining efficiency and productivity. We collaborate with the employer, the employee, and other stakeholders to ensure an optimal adjustment of the workplace.

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