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Home visit and adaptation

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At Sarah Bouchard, ergothérapeute, a home visit can be conducted with the goal of:

- Assessing an individual's capacity in performing their daily activities at home;

- Ensuring that the person is as safe, functional, and independent as possible;

- Proposing technical aids if needed;

- Suggesting a reorganization of the environment if necessary;

- Teaching various methods and principles to more easily carry out daily

and household activities.

Home visits can be requested by a doctor, CNESST, an insurance company,

an occupational therapist, or by anyone wishing to have their home evaluated

and adapted. It is important to note that the approval of the payer is necessary to

carry out these visits, and in some cases, a medical prescription may be required to justify the visit.

Our goal is to create a living space that meets the specific health and well-being needs of each individual, while promoting independence and quality of life. We work closely with the concerned individual and, if necessary, with their family or caregivers, to ensure that the proposed adaptations perfectly match their expectations and needs.

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