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Hand therapy

Hand therapy at Sarah Bouchard, ergothérapeute, focuses on treating musculoskeletal disorders affecting the hands, which are essential in our daily and professional activities. Whether these disorders arise from work-related accidents, road incidents, personal circumstances, or evolving pathologies, our goal is to provide comprehensive and personalized care.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Our process begins with a detailed assessment of the physical, functional, and occupational capacities of the hand. This step is crucial to identify the specifics of each case and to develop an effective treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on this assessment, we develop a

customized treatment plan aimed at restoring, as much as possible, the

hand's pre-injury capacities and functions. Our approach focuses on

improving dexterity, strength, and mobility of the hand, while reducing

pain and perceived limitations.

Therapeutic Objectives:
- Muscle strengthening and improvement of joint mobility.
- Specific pain management techniques for the hand.
- Enhancement of fine and overall dexterity of the hand.
- Strategies to facilitate return to work and daily activities.
- Advice for the prevention of future injuries and the management of chronic conditions.


Treatment Modalities: Our techniques include:
- Specific warm-ups and stretches for the hand.
- Scar tissue massages and contrast baths to promote healing.
- Tendon gliding exercises to maintain mobility.
- Targeted therapeutic activities to strengthen dexterity and overall function.
- Task simulations to assess and improve the ability to perform specific activities.

At Sarah Bouchard, ergothérapeute, we are committed to providing high-quality care for your hand therapy needs, helping you to regain optimal use of your hands in all aspects of your life.

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